Look at me now - The Biebdition Remix


I don't see how you can hate so much on Justin Bieber. Bitch he's beesknees.. [Maniacal Laugh] LEGGO.
Purple Supras on. And a leather jacket. Black range rover. Slip on nerd glasses.
Yeah, yeah. That Bieber got so much swag. All you haters mad? Well, okay then. Stay mad.
You haters love him. We know your secret. Honestly, you just wanna be on his penis.
He shake y'all all off. Kill 'em with kindness. He swag it 7 bars. What's it to a goblin?
Look at me now. Oh. Look at me now. Yeah. Spreading the fever. Look ya now. Oh. Look ya now. Yeah. I made you a belieber.
Lil boy came from Canada to America. Errbody said he sound like a chick. Then he grew up, done turned 17 & now everybody wanna be on his dick.
Yes, I said on his dick. Yes, I really meant to say on his dick. So, since I'm talking about his dick...Aye, Bieber would ya let me say hi to it?
Wait a minute..That sounds a little dirty. Ohwell. Vana Jay, how you feel about these haters? Well.. LESSGO

Yeah, we hear you all hating. & We hear you call him gay everyday, everyday, everyday. But you didn't and you won't sell out MSG in 22min. any day, day.
See, you don't really wanna cross me. They say Beliebers can be like an army. & If you really wanna taste of the navy, then just keep on hating, but..
Every time he come, a hater gotta say it, then we gotta go, and then we gotta get em, yeah they gotta know that anything they claim about the bieber is invalid, unless they say his voice sounds like an angel and the boy has got mad talent.
If not we're gunna threaten everything and anything, i'm just kidding some fans really aren't that crazy, but we make it clearer to most of the haters that we are a family that's never gonna change, gonna change, gonna change.
And yeah, he doing it the best. On the road 24/7, I think he needs a little rest, but he'd never disappoint, not any of his fans, cause when it comes to doing this, he puts his heart in it.
He said his world was my world. He would gimme all his time & if he needs a little break, yeah we could share mine. Said he was coming for me so I ran outside. If you don't love 'em, then you must be blind.
See the way he dougie, and he humping on the stage. And I wish I was that teddy that he would serenade. And that pizza he be licking and the hott friends he be gettin. With his honey-colored eyes. Hell yeah, the boy's perfect.
Don't need to taste fame. He already has it. Haters wish they had swag. I know it must be sad. Justin's sittin on the throne they wish they had.
Look at me now. Oh Look at me now. Yeah. Spreadin' the fever. Look at ya now. Oh. Look at ya now. Yeah. Now You're A Belieber.
Man, fuck these stupid haters. How y'all doin? I'm Vanessa. I'ma Belieber. Roll with Bieber. Yeah I'm sick with Bieber Fever. Don't do Greyson, maybe Simpson. You heard of Justin? Hell yeah Bieber. He got a bitch that play on Disney. Well, she used to. Selena Gomez.
He never give a fuck about a hater. Got ya girl on his radar, dress with mad swagga. He's got a hawt biffel. His name is Ryan Butler. You haters really love em after Never Say Never.
Bieber said kill em and I said OHYAY. But only with kindness so I said okay ):
He don't care what you say so go ahead & speak. But ya girlfriend a freak since she heard Baby.
That's word to my flag. & My flag purple. He's all in my heart, always in my mind. Since I heard One Time to Shawty Mane's climb. So you haters got nothing. Nope. Not on him, bruh.
What's Poppin, Fredo? Nothing, Ry.
Haters call us crazy, nah. Ain't got no time to fuck with them. Direct them right to Scooter Braun.
So Bieb sits tight on his private flight. iChat all night with his fam back home. His sis is jazzy. His brother's Jaxon. His mama's Pattie. & his daddy's Jeremy.
You hater's scared cause we too wild. Yeah, we're devoted. Give up now. He puts it down. Y-M-C-M-B. You May Call Me Bieber now, bitch.
Look at me now. Oh. Look at me now. Oh. Spreading the fever. Look at ya now. Oh. Look at ya now. Oh. I made you a Belieber.
Okay. Okay! Is that right? Converting all the haters. BITCH!


Hahaha den här låten är sooo SWAG!! Okej, för mycket svärord enligt mig, och lite, haha, dirty... men väldigt bra ändå. Och jag tror de ska ta lite seriösare på det där med "Kill 'em with kindness". Har förresten typ blivit mitt livsmotto. ;)


Postat av: SWAG QUEEN ;)

Kolla lime tagen i din fanfic!!!!;)

MAILA MIG!!!!!!!!!!:D


2011-08-22 @ 22:02:13

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